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8 ball poolmultipplkayer8 Ball Pool Game Needs Strategy and Planning.

Just like all other games 8 Ball pool is not only about practice and accuracy. There is a lot of thinking process that has to applied to be ahead in the game by keeping calm and being stable while playing the game and changing strategies accordingly.  This needs  presence of mind at every moment of the game even while the opponent is playing. 8 Ball Pool game, the favorite online game for most of those who like to play billiards, can really help those players to analyze their game strategies and to practice plan their moves. So, for all those players, who want to get more practice and try to stay in touch with the game more often to have more connection with the game, playing 8 ball pool game online will help a lot. How ever it is not going to give the real time experience and training physically, it will still help you develop strategies, maintain cool, deal with pressure situations. In addition to that, it can be made more interesting by playing online game with your friends and opponents in real game.

Cheats For 8 ball Pool Game

Like the real game, online 8 ball pool game gets interesting, with strong opponents. But for those players, who want to stay ahead of this game on the web, there are some easy ways  to get access to those interesting stages in the form of cheats. Cheats are generally developed based on some loop holes found in the game program code.  Using 8 Ball Pool Hack – A Real Working Cash and Coin Cheats, one can get unlimited coins which can really save loads of money for real game lovers, who will be ready to spend huge money on buying coins and proceeding further. So use these free cheat codes, play continuously and excel the game.

My Cafe CheatsIf you have lately installed the game of My Café, you will be able to know about how addictive the game tends to get. The experience of starting a café and running it is great with so many levels to cross and so many challenges to accept and complete. The game is at present available for smartphone owners of both android as well as ios operating systems.

With 3D animation and amazing background, the game offers not only an attractive visual but also is complimented with great sound effect. With so many options to use, it seems as if you are actually running a café of your own.

Use of cheats:

Diamonds and gold coins are two of the most important elements of the game. There are a number of players who do not use them much because these resources are available in limited amount. But there are also many such players who wish to get to the edge of the game and hence need to use the gold coins and the diamonds. These are used in crossing various challenges and unlocking various items.

There was a time when this used to be a barrier for the players, but now with My Cafe Cheat, things have become more convenient.

Are the cheats trustable?

With My Cafe Cheats, the player is able to generate as many diamonds and gold coins as needed. These are transferred to the game profile where the game can be played with ease. But there are many people who are sure about the reliability of the cheats. For them it is important to know that the My Café Hack uses proper security so that there is no such trace of the cheat usage on your device. Also the security is much strong that you do not have the risk also of getting banned from the game.


I hate to sound like a broken record, but the really real world has been kicking my ass lately. I’ve been clocking a lot of hours at the school, which is a good thing. In my estimation, if one works two days per week as a substitute – you’re doing well. I’ve been doing 4-5 days per week generally. And I got my first pay check today, it’s a helluva lot better than flipping burgers I’ll tell you that much.

Even so, getting up early is not something my body is really accustomed to. And frankly, I’m not sure I ever will be good first thing in the morning, but I’m going to keep at it. The kids are a pain in the ass sometimes sure, but ultimately it’s worth it. And there are times when it really does feel rewarding…


Both groups now have Ragnaros down, and with that it’s time for 25s. We’ve picked up a couple of people but we’re still looking for a few key players, namely a Hunter (or two) and most definitely a Warlock. If you’re interested head over to our site and fill out an app, of course Raids aren’t the only thing happening.

I’m looking for a new leader for our PVP division (Resilience), actually I’d like to find a couple of guys willing to work there. I need people to recruit and organize, people that can get RBGs going. Again, if you’re interested see the link above.

As for the rest, our Alt Raid is actually close to offing Ragnaros now too. Which brings me to another interesting point…


Once upon a time, I played a Rogue. His name was Cicatriz, during a healthy portion of BC this was my main. I dabbled in other classes here and there. But after the Warlock this was what I enjoyed more than anything else in the game. By the time Wrath was released however I had Death Knight fever, and so the poor little rogue was left on the shelf – until now…

Recently, I decided to take the old Rogue off the shelf and give him a spin – and frankly the class has changed drastically. After a race change, some profession fuggling, and a fair amount of talent calculator-fu – I’m back in the shadows! My intention of course is to play this little guy for our alt raids, I was going to use one of my tanks, but frankly it doesn’t matter if I can tank every boss with my eyes closed, it gets boring sometimes. And I feel like if I tanked everything on Khaas, then again on my Warrior it would get really old, really fast. Of course, there’s also the consideration that we’ve only got one dedicated Rogue we raid with (add a Rogue to that recruiting list above) and the fact that the class comes in damned handy for some fights, and of course the whole Batman thing in 4.3, how could I resist?


Not much to report, but I hit a big Valor Point achieve and of course the one for completing Firelands. I got some other achievements knocked out on my AH guild and my alts, but not really anything to report there.

25,000 Valor Points


It’s rainin epics! Hallelujah!

Bracers of the Fiery Path
Elementium Deathplate Legguards
Stay of Execution
Necklace of Fetishes (OS)
Essence of the Eternal Flame (OS)
Earthcrack Bracers (OS)
2x Obsidium Cleaver (OS)



This is going to be a short one, I haven’t really had much motivation to log in to WOW lately. I actually skipped the game entirely over the weekend. I’ve got a lot of things going on the side right now, so updates are likely to be sparse for a week or two. I’ll have more to say on the subject soon I’m sure.


As I said above, I actually skipped about half the week of online sales time. However, I still managed a respectable set of numbers. In fact, I would’ve been quite satisfied with the showing had I been going at it hot and heavy all week. I’m continuing to work on my alts, so I expect to spend a little time and gold on leveling/professions for a couple of the little guys soon. Sorry for the word shortage this week, but it’s only temporary.


■ 3,464g – Cash Flow
■ 9,939g – Enchanting
■ 46,042g – Flipping
■ 3,324g – Gems
■ 16,186g – Glyphs
■ 639g – Tailoring
■ 1,820g – Truegold

81,417g – TOTAL

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